Ryan Thompson

A husband, father, Christian, and critical thinker.
Creator of PyroCMS and builder of all teh things.


I am a 31 year old husband and father from Illinois right on the Mississippi. I deeply love my wife and kids. I think I am a somewhat atypical Christian. I super enjoy building anything and everything. I was homeschooled up to high school and am entirely self taught in just about everything and have a tendency obsessively delve into things I am passionate about.


To be an outstanding husband and father and to raise a family with strong character and principles. To be a linchpin in my professional career and cultivate growth and abundance within my company, work, community, and leave a positive mark on the industry as a whole. 


Coincidently there is a lot of talk about Code of Conduct within the industry but I prefer to view it as character ethics and principles. 

Put first things first.

This is the hardest of them all perhaps but profoundly important to living a balanced life. Put the first things in your life first. For me this is my family, faith, career, and community.

Everyone is a ten.

The very beginning of leading a family, community, or group of people in your work should be believing that everyone else is a 10. Listen emphatically to them. Speak about them as if they are always on your shoulder. Synergize with them to produce creative opportunity in life.

Always start with the end in mind.

A Scottish antagonist from my favorite TV show Columbo would always etch a line in his whiskey bottle and never drink past it. This is another hard habit to form but incredibly beneficial. Whatever you begin, be it teaching your kids, a task at work, or a chore in the yard. Do not begin without an end goal in mind and fulfill that end goal.

Never stop improving.

Never stop learning some might say. I say never stop improving. Introspect critically and isolate weaknesses. Then improve yourself and cultivate improvement around you.