Starter Project

  • A Streams starter project
  • August 25th, 2022
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The Laravel Streams starter project can be used as the basis for a large number of project types using Laravel and Streams.


This system is still in development! These features are available, but some may still require refinement and documentation.

  • Latest Laravel Framework
  • Frontend Compiler w/Hot Reloading
  • Pre-configured AlpineJS + Tailwind
  • Pre-configured Users Database
  • Control Panel + UI Framework
  • RESTful API/PWA/Headless Ready
  • Development Kit

Getting Started

You can download and install the Starter Project using Composer:

composer create-project streams/streams:1.0.x-dev

cd streams

php artisan serve

What's Included

This is a vanilla Laravel (latest) project with Alpine JS and Tailwind installed and configured.

The starter project comes with the following installed packages:


Cp Table

Cp Form


Let's Talk.

I am currently looking for ideas to work on. Connect with me via email: [email protected]